Leveraging Big Data Techniques for Cyber-Physical Systems

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Cyber-physical system (CPS) addresses the close interactions and feedback controls between cyber components and physical components, where cyber components refer to the sensing and communication systems, while the physical components comprise of a wide range of systems in practice. Due to the fast increase in system complexities, the operations of CPS involve sensing, processing and storage of massive amount of data. This nature of big data also imposes fundamental challenges on the management and control of the operations of CPS, which involve sensing, processing and storage of massive amount of data. In addition, there is a need to overcome some hardware and software design challenges of CPS in multiple aspects such as performance, energy efficiency, security, privacy, reliability, sustainability, fault tolerance, scalability and flexibility.

This book highlights some original research and survey articles on the topic of big data sensing, processing, storage, and hardware/software design for CPS. The topics covered by this book are given in above-mentioned Table of Contents.

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October 1st May 15th 2017: Chapter submission
January 1st July 15th 2017: Review comments
Match 1st October 1st 2017: Submission of the revised chapter
April 1st November 1st 2017: Final acceptance notification
May 1st December 1st 2017: Final chapter due

Manuscript Preparation

All chapters (and chapter proposal) must be submitted electronically via EasyChair using this link: easychair.org/conferences/?conf=book-cpsbd2017. The submissions must be in pdf format. For further information, please contact the editors on: shiyan@mtu.edu.

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Shiyan Hu Michgan Technological University
Bei Yu Chinese University of Hong Kong
Yinyu Ye Stanford University

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IEEE Technical Committee on CPS (www.ieee-cps.org).